Release Notes 22 May 2017

Latest news regarding improvements to Store Comparison and CET History.

On Monday 22 May 2017, Kepler updated the Dashboard with improvements to Store Comparison and new ways to track your CET history.

Store Comparison metrics reordered

Based on your feedback, the list of metrics on the Store Comparison page has been reordered, starting with the most important at the top. The list now reads:

  • Sales Conversion %
  • Fitting Room Conversion % (where applicable)
  • Average Transaction Value
  • Shopfront Conversion %
  • Sales Total
  • No. of Sales
  • Outside
  • Inside
  • Dwell Time

Also included are Target Selectors for Sales Total and % Sales Total Variance. More information on these are provided below:

CET Targets History

As part of making the Kepler CET a vital part of store operations, the ability to track historical store performance against set targets has been added to many of the dashboard features, including Summary, Trends, Store Comparison and Data Export.

The targets are presented as Sales Total Targets and % Sales Total Variance columns, that give you a view of how well each store or group performed in comparison with their targets.

Summary page with CET History

Trends also includes a Variance Running Total, which shows when the store performed above or below its total target for the selected period.

Trends page with CET History

Store Comparison displays Sales Total and Sales Total Targets, if selected, on the same graph for clearer visual comparison.

Store Comparison of Sales vs Target and Variance

Feedback details:
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