Release Notes 9 May 2017

Latest news regarding improvements to Trends and Store Comparison.

On Tuesday 9 May 2017, Kepler will update the Dashboard with improvements to date format, Trends and Store Comparison.


Date Format

The dashboard will now display dates in Australian date format, day-month-year.



    The Trends page provides a tabular view of daily or weekly metrics, over a customisable period of time.

    This will now include group metrics as well as store metrics. For example, select the "Total" entry for the "Western Australia" group to see the total number of Inside Visitors and average Sales Conversion for Western Australia stores, as shown below:

    As with Store Comparison, the groups are determined by those created in the Groups Admin page, where they can be fully customised.


    Store Comparison

    The Store Comparison date ranges have been renamed from "Period 1" and "Period 2", to the more descriptive "Latest" and "Comparative".

    When selecting dates to view, start with a date range for Latest. Then, to compare the period with another, select the Comparative start date for a comparison:

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