Release Notes 20 March 2017

Communications from David Gordon, Kepler Analytics, relating to software development.


On Tuesday 21 March 2017 Kepler will release the new version of the Dashboard. This version has two main changes:

  • The current dashboard has a ‘Comparison’ where there is a number of pages to select various data types to be graphed over time periods.
  • This is replaced by ‘Store Comparison’ which allows a variety of selections.
  • ‘Performance Reports’ section where we are building up a series of  pre-set weekly reports.


Store Comparison - New Feature

  • Replaces the ‘Comparisons’ link.
  • Allows users to select three dimensions:
    • Select multiple stores

If you require your stores to be grouped into Store Groups please contact Kepler to arrange for these to be created. In the next version we intend to provide this ‘Group Creation’ capability to specific users in your company who can then allow Group Visibility to only specific users.

  • Select a Time Period and a Comparative Time Period
    • Select a Comparative Time Period.
    • Report data on daily, weekly or monthly for the selected time period.

Performance Reports - New Feature

  • On the left, you will see a new Dashboard named ‘Performance Reports’ with a link on the right.
  • Click the link and this takes you to the Report Page where there will be a folder for each report category.
  • All reports will be stored in the folder and users can therefore access historical reports.
  • Reports which will be active on Tuesday 21 March 2017 will be:
    • Sales Conversion
    • Sales Performance Report – Ranking stores by Sales Conversion
    • Sales Performance Report – Ranking stores by Alphabetical Store Name
    • Shopfront Conversion
    • Shopfront Conversion Report – Ranking stores by Shopfront Conversion %
    • Shopfront Conversion Report – Ranking stores by Alphabetical Store Name
  • These reports show comparative periods:
    • Last Week, Previous Week and Average for the Last 5 Weeks
  • Please review the reports’ data and we are happy to receive your feedback


  • We have a technical resource we have tasked with creating a suite of these reports. We have defined a number of performance reports that are scheduled for development and we plan to ‘drip release’ these after internal testing on a weekly basis (Tuesdays).


  • If you have samples of reports you require we would be happy to receive this.
    If we believe they will add value to the total system we will schedule for production. If you want this development exclusively for your business we would be happy to quote a price and develop this on an exclusive basis.

Feedback details:
David Gordon
+61 412 324 849