As the retail landscape in both the digital and physical worlds change, the goal of business owners is to increasingly improve services for their customers. Data and analytics have become more and more important. Sometimes the numbers can be overwhelming, but we continue to ask for more. The key to improving any business is to benchmark and then continuously improve.

Questionable Engagement Generating Advertising

We keep saying it over and over and are sure some of you are sick of it... but one last time: Customer engagement is the way to increase revenue! It should be the ultimate goal of every retail business both in store and with advertisement. Give customers more of what they are looking for and go above and beyond with your in-store experience and your revenue will be above and beyond what you are currently making.

Innovation in Australian Retail

As seen in an earlier article, From Bricks and Mortar to Bricks and Mortar, consumers went through a mass phase of wanting retail online and are now heading back to bricks-and-mortar. Enter the Phygital...a new wave of retail innovation. The question is, “Are Aussie Retailers true innovators and will they be able to keep up in the rapidly changing retail arena?” There are certain instances where Australian retailers have been innovative – for example Shoes of Prey, Vinomofo, and The Iconic – but on a whole, retailers seem to struggle in this arena. Let’s explore what makes retailers innovative…

Making the Most of In-Store Marketing

At Kepler Analytics, we strongly believe in the power of data-driven decision making. The e-commerce market has had the luxury of customer behavioural data for decades when it only commands 5% of all retail spending. So it’s mind-boggling to think that, while 95% of all spending is still done at brick-and-mortar stores, there is no reliable and effective method to measure in-store customer behaviour at all!

From Bricks and Mortar to...Bricks and Mortar

In the 1800s retail was all about customer service and the bricks and mortar store. In the past 15 years we have seen a drastic shift in how retail and marketing are conducted. Consumers took control of the industry in the early 2000s and focus went from bricks and mortar to e-commerce and online. In 2015 and beyond the focus is going to begin to shift back to the bricks and mortar experience where bridging the gap between physical and digital will be the key. Truly knowing your customer and interacting with them on an intimate level will drive the retail experience. #Phygital