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Kepler Analytics Raises $200,000 Seed Investment

Planting the Seed

I am very fortunate to have the backing of a talented team of retail, engineering and data experts who each have extensive experience building companies from scratch. One of the benefits of being a startup is the flexibility and speed at which we can develop solutions for the retail brick-and-mortar market in novel ways that have never been done before.

Today, I’d like to announce that we have raised seed funding of $200,000 from a group of Australian angel investors from the retail and technology space. We are doubly fortunate to have their support. The funds will be used to accelerate research and development of Kepler’s solution to further meet the needs of retailers. We are currently partnering with three national retailers and we are all very excited at the product improvements we will be providing them shortly.


You can follow us on twitter at @KeplerAnalytics, call us: 1800 300 892 or email us at: At Kepler we believe that privacy is most important. Secondly, understanding your foot traffic and visual merchandising is the start to bridging the gap between the physical and digital. Understanding your customer behaviour can help you understand what types of communications are working. Linking your foot traffic to digital and traditional marketing campaigns will allow you to see how your marketing efforts actually affect sales. As always, do your research and use a solution that helps you achieve the goals of each new project.

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