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Getting the numbers right

How Kepler has achieved an accuracy of between 85% and 95%

Accuracy in People Counting:

Kepler Sensors have an accuracy of between 85% and 95%, depending on the location of the sensor in a store. We know this because we conduct manual audits on the numbers we report.

We would never sell a single Kepler Sensor unless we had confidence in the accuracy of the output. That is why we conduct regular checks. In the course of replacing archaic methods of traffic counting as seen in The Evolution of People Counting blog post, we must ourselves turn to these methods once every so often.
The Audit:

One of the methods we employ is that of manually counting the number of people walking past and into our client’s stores. This is obviously an arduous and exhausting process, not to mention expensive. It serves as a constant reminder of why Kepler Sensors are so important to retailers - they provide highly accurate, actionable data at the fraction of the cost and effort.


As with all things new however, there remains a lack of familiarity and thus a lack of trust. We must breed this trust by first demonstrating comparability in accuracy of Kepler Sensors to older established methods of traffic counting, and only then will the savings in cost and effort matter. Perhaps not too long in the future, Kepler Sensors will become the benchmark by which other burgeoning traffic counting solutions are measured.


You can follow us on twitter at @KeplerAnalytics, call us: 1800 300 892 or email us at: At Kepler we believe that privacy is most important. Secondly, understanding your foot traffic and visual merchandising is the start to bridging the gap between the physical and digital. Understanding your customer behaviour can help you understand what types of communications are working. Linking your foot traffic to digital and traditional marketing campaigns will allow you to see how your marketing efforts actually affect sales. As always, do your research and use a solution that helps you achieve the goals of each new project.

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