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  • What We Do

    In a fast changing market, only data driven retailers win

    Precise data capture

    The Kepler Scanner recognises a smart phones’ unique ID code to more accurately identify your customer base.

    Calibration to your specific needs

    Track customers inside and outside your space to measure traffic volumes, conversion rates and optimise your activities, operations and staffing.

    Complete coverage from boutique to commercial spaces

    Cover and track every aspect of your space. The Kepler Scanner can scan up to 150m2 around each device.

    Web Based Dashboard

    Have the freedom to track and manage your stores anywhere you go with our web-based dashboard.

    Simple and non intrusive installation

    The Kepler Scanner simply plugs into any standard electrical wall outlet, is calibrated, then ready to use. There is no need for any interruption to normal business hours. 

    Locally developed and manufactured

    Developed in Melbourne, Australia, the Kepler Scanner has completed strenuous in-market testing and has been audited by legal and privacy firms for operation in Australia. 

  • Immediate feedback for retail marketing, ops and sales teams

    kepler analytics store performance dashboard

    See your team performance transform with live performance feedback.

    Contact us for a live demo.

  • Grow sales with powerful insights

    In-store Sales Conversion Rate

    Auto-Generated Rosters That Maximise Sales

    Shopfront Conversion Rate

    A/B Test Marketing Campaigns

  • How We Do It

    Passive Shopper Activity Tracking

    kepler analytics sensor

    Kepler Sensor

    The Kepler Sensor passively detects shoppers inside and outside stores - wirelessly and automatically.


    Rest assured the Kepler Sensor cannot capture any personal information from shoppers.


    Employees are automatically removed from the data to provide a truly accurate representation of each store.


    The Kepler Sensor does not interfere with any existing wireless systems and behaves as a passive sensor.


    We have analysed the behaviour of over 11 million shoppers in Australia for leading retailers and shopping centres.

    kepler analytics dashboard

    Kepler Dashboard

    Retail managers can access live insights on the secure cloud-based Kepler Dashboard.


    We easily integrate with Point-of-Sale systems to provide a seamless live performance visualisation of your entire retail chain. 

  • Live Heat Maps

    Visualising flow and dwell time in store.

    kepler analytics store heat map of customer traffic
  • Getting Started Is Easy

    Step 1:

    Hardware installed

    Zero disruption to store operations and existing wireless systems.


    Sensors are calibrated and data is captured.

    Step 2:

    Dashboards activated

    Data is processed and automatically visualised on live web based dashboards.

    Step 3:

    Insights & Action

    Our team will work closely with your operations, marketing and planning teams to get actionable incomes from your insights.

  • Who we are

    The intersection of retail, data and engineering expertise

    kepler analytics managing director and co-founder david mah

    David Mah

    Managing Director

    & Co-Founder

    kepler analytics GM of operations and co-foudner Nigel Ang

    Nigel Ang

    GM of Operations

    & Co-Founder

    kepler analytics GM of Product and co-founder mansoor ali

    Mansoor Ali

    GM of Product & Co-Founder

    kepler analytics chief business officer david gordon

    David Gordon

    Executive Director

    kepler analytics general manager elissa gu

    Elissa Gu
    General Manager

    Daniel Golding

    Lead Operations Manager

    Miley He

    Lead Data Scientist

    John Evans

    Chief Financial Officer

    Christine Mingins

    Director of Technology

    Grahame Leonard

    Director of Strategic Partnerships 

    Colin McLeod

    Director of Marketing & Communications 

    Michael Royal

    Chairman of Board of Directors

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    Read about us in The Herald Sun and Startup Smart.


    Media Contact: David Mah david@kepleranalytics.com.au


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